Health Kick Summer Vibes

Hey Beautifuls!

As many of my Instagram followers are aware, I’m on a HUUUUUUGE health kick. This comes after the over indulging in Manchester… so many great places to eat and drink (we attacked Australasia for the sushi, The Alchemist for crazy cocktails, and Albert Schloss to get our schnapps on!) meaning I needed to get back on the straight and narrow!

The reason isn’t weight loss… the reason, is that my Lymphoedema benefits from healthy eating and not over indulging! To get back on the health kick I’ve been using Kayla Itsines’ book ’28 day bikini body guide’. I’m not following strictly (cue the Baileys mocha monster I created), but using it to inspire my daily eating and ensuring I don’t get bored. The progress after only 4 days is staggering!! I’ve got more energy, leg is feeling lighter and squishier, and abs are showing through.

If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!! 

Not sure HOW to go about altering your food or drinks?

Try changing 3 parts of your diet… soda only once a week, dessert only once a week, increase greens intake 3 times a week. See how your body reacts!! You’ll be surprised! Most importantly, make it sustainable- a lifestyle change… not a diet!! That is important. Don’t deny yourself the cravings (again Baileys mocha monster) but try and work out WHY You are craving something… boredom? Distraction? Thirsty? 

I’m a huge advocate of flexible dieting. Meaning there’s no cheating! No right or wrong foods as long as it fits my macro output. Obviously, I’m not going to eat 3 mars bars in a sitting because it fits!! That’s just silly. However, I’m not going to deny myself half a mars on my proyo because it’s “bad food”. This happens to work well for me as I mostly eat healthy, natural foods, drink my fair share of water and exercise regularly. 

I’m going to share some of my meals over the last week for some inspiration! 

Above are some examples of the meal ideas that are in Kayla’s book!

Chicken Gyros includes seasoned chicken breast, spinach, cucumber, pitta bread and tzatziki.

Seasoned a Tuna, peas, green beans and brown rice.

Whole meal toast, plain yoghurt whipped with peanut butter, topped with strawberries and drizzle of honey.

Pasta Salad includes rocket, spinach, cucumber, asparagus, onion, pasta, dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard dressing.


Above shows my flexible side! 

The Baileys Mocha Monster included a can of Baileys Mocha, squirty whipped cream, a Lindt bunny head, white chocolate truffle, white chocolate shards!

Flex Proyo Bowl includes plain yoghurt whipped with cookie flavour protein powder, granola, blueberries, strawberries, half a mars bar and a drizzle of honey! 

Hopefully this has inspired you to go take a look at your eating habits and see what works for your lifestyle and your Lymphoedema. Cant wait to hear some of your favourite recipes! 

Lots of Love 

L xoxox

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How to Survive a Concert with LE

Hi Beautifuls! 

If you follow my Instagram page, you’ll be aware that last Sunday I went to watch Craig David perform in concert at Wembley Arena. Omg! What a show!! 

However, some of you may be nervous about booking a concert or festival due to the amount of time standing. I’ve booked both seated and standing tickets for concerts in the past. Seated are easier on your limbs, however, you can’t always bag those tickets in time. 

I thought I’d share some top tips for the standing crew…. 

(I didn’t follow all my advice on the night which meant I took longer to recover… naughty Lymphie!! Please learn from my mistakes!)

1. Wear sensible footwear! This sounds pretty obvious. I love my converse and they make great shoes for standing for long periods of time. I’d advise against heels. Wear the cute trainers!! Not only will your feet ache less, your leg will withstand standing for longer.

2. Wear cool clothing. Yes, both ‘cool’ as in trendy but most importantly clothing that will stop you overheating. There’s nothing worse than feeling too warm in a crowded place with a Lymphie limb! I chose a dress from Topshop to keep my legs cool. 

3. Drink plenty of fluids. I stupidly drank plenty of fluids, just not the right ones! Champagne and cocktails do not count as correct fluids. Water is more beneficial. However, you only live once. If you want your prosecco and cocktails go for it. Just make sure you counteract it at some point. 

4. Rest up beforehand and afterwards. I found it really useful to do as little as possible on the day of the concert. The next day I also tried doing less than normal. I found this beneficial especially after consuming a fair bit of alcohol. We booked a hotel next to the arena to allow us more rest time and less worry about having a long journey after the show.

5. Don’t spend your night worrying. Just go and have fun. Just remember, you know your limb. If you have standing tickets, be sure to sit on the floor waiting until the first act instead of standing. Be aware of your limb, you know your limits better than anyone. 

Go enjoy the upcoming festival season! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Monthly Challenges- the beauty one

Hi Beautifuls!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in my first beauty challenge! I kept it simple! I chose fellow Lymphie, Kala’s Lipstick Challenge. Her rules were simple, her prompts were interesting and I might have been a bit biased as she is also part of the Lymphie family!! Her rules were you had to tag her, use a particular hashtag for the challenge to be followed and post your attempts!! Luckily we could interpret the prompts as we wished… especially as I was in work during this challenge!!

The Challenge

Good news… I survived a different theme every day. I’m so proud of myself. I didn’t get told off in work for any of the colours! Yay! I even had compliments on my lip colours that I would usually shy away from!

But… it was so hard! I’ve therefore decided to do the hard work for you!!

My collection for the challenge

My Top Tips for the Lipstick challenge. These could also be utilised for other monthly challenges too!

  • Read ALL prompts beforehand and make notes.
  • Root through handbags, purses, make up bags to collect all items in to one place!
  • Work out which prompts fall on workdays/weekdays and weekends/days off.
  • Pick out colours etc ahead of prompt for less fussing on the day!
  • If you need a colour you don’t have, try finding it in a bargain section or utilise an eyeshadow with lip balm.
  • Photograph challenge first thing in the morning in natural light.
  • Blot colours or tone down with lip balms if needed.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I found that, if I didn’t like the look, I’d wear it for 10 minutes minimum and not look in a mirror then check back. If I still wasn’t happy, I could wipe it off. Also, if a Look wasn’t suitable for work, I’d prep and photograph the look in advance. I also realised I’m the Queen of Pink lipsticks! Haha. 

Good luck for your monthly challenges! OR… Why not try this challenge in your own time!?

Hmmm. Which challenge next!?

Lots of Love 

L xoxox

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Survive a flight with LE

1. Stand up!! 

Regardless of flight time (short or long haul) keep moving those feet and limbs! Your lymphatic system is worked by your muscles which means if you aren’t moving, neither is your lymphatic fluid. 

2. Book an aisle seat! 

Partly because of the reason above… it’s easier to get up and move about if you have an aisle seat and also you won’t annoy people asking to move in and out of your seat. Another advantage is that you can stretch your limbs into the aisle for comfort.

3. Double up

Double up on your stockings. The atmospheric pressure plays havoc with my system so I find doubling up on compression halves my swelling. I’d apply moisturiser before garments go on to lessen the irritation felt behind the knee after long periods of sitting down! 

4. Hell yeah H2O

I’ll happily have a glass of fizz before boarding my flight and coffee when up in the air… however, I’m aware this isn’t the best call for my Lymphie system. When in the air constantly drink water. Yep, an excuse to get up and walk to the loo but also it aids your system and the feeling of jet lag when you land. Double positives!!

5. Wear comfortable clothing 

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your feet or limbs getting trapped and shoes etc digging in to your limbs. I always wear shoes that are extendable with laces, I’ll loosen my shoes as soon as I get on board. I’d recommend loose clothing on long flights rather than fitting or constricting clothing. On short haul flights I love a pair of fitness leggings and trainers as neither constrict your movement or your limbs. 

6. Travel pillows

If you can sleep on the flight, do it! My limb always feels better if I’ve managed a nap or 2 on board… especially if it’s a night flight. Your limb is used to a routine, try to keep to it as much as possible. Always carry a travel pillow… it also doubles up as a soft foot rest. If you don’t want the hassle of carrying a travel pillow, a rolled up hoodie or jumper can also work well!!

7. Be sensible 

Nobody knows your limb better than you. If that means putting your feet up for 24 hours before and after your flight then do it. If it means catching a connecting flight instead of going the full 15 hour flight in one sitting, then do it. Don’t feel pressured into something silly that will cause havoc for your limb!! 

8. Take a larger item of carry on

Don’t be afraid to take a large piece of hand luggage. I always include an extra pair of shoes-flip flops, a scarf, a small pot of moisturiser, a pair of socks, a hoodie or cover up, and a large bottle or 3 of water… to aid my body on my journey. 

Here’s to healthy and happy travels! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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This post adapted from previous post- How to survive Travelling as a Lymphie! 

Accepting Lymphoedema

Hey Beautifuls!

‘Happiness’, ‘Empowerment’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Acceptance’ are buzz words that are constantly thrown around! Here in the U.K. we seem to be easily following in the Network Marketing footsteps of the USA. 

I’m all for the happy seal clapping, whooping and hollering! I loved Stella and Dot Hoopla. I love seeing my friends succeeding with Younique. I’m also intrigued by the increase of Self Growth books and Positive Affirmations. I even buy them myself! I loved ‘Girl Code’ and most recently ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. 

But how has this aided me!? How is this post going to aid you? I’m not a life coach, I’m cynical, I’m mostly happy when following my own rules or lying next to a pool with a margarita! Can I relate to unhappiness. YES! I am the average nearly 30 year old who has other things to worry about as well as my medical condition. 

So how do I cope? How do I survive? I QUIT! I QUIT doing what makes me unhappy. I QUIT saying yes to unnecessary stress. I QUIT putting others before myself. 

I accept what I can’t change, and alter what I can change. 

I came to this realisation fully when I underwent Multi Layer Lymphoedema Bandaging. I couldn’t change it so I had to tackle it and accept it. This was my turning point. I had to dress for the bandages. I categorised, felt fear, and done it anyway. 

Do I enjoy showing my leg? I’m not really bothered now, but initially I hated it. With bandaging I had no choice- either sit in my pjs at home, morbid and depressed for 3 weeks OR… Alter my clothing and go out. I chose the latter. Majority of people asked what my injury was. The lightbulb flashed on. I had made a bigger deal internally about what people would think of me and my leg than was necessary.

Am I better for this experience? Yes. I now feel less insecure about my limb. I’m slightly more confident in holding my head high! I still have self conscious moments. I still have times when I want to hide my limb and sink in to the background. 

I hate to break it to you, but in the words of Ruth Whippman… it’s not all about you! People may glance or stare. But in the grand scheme… they don’t really care unless you directly affect them! People are selfish. There is a reason you think people care… you care about yourself and your feelings in exactly the same way as the person who glances. My bet is that the person who glanced at your garment has forgotten about it by the time they have reached the next aisle of the supermarket… even though you held on to that moment when you got home, unloaded the shopping, made a cuppa and worked your way through Facebook and Instagram!! 

I too focus on the people who glance and stare. But now I consciously make an effort to not dwell on these thoughts. I realise they are unproductive to my day! People take less notice than you think. Can you remember the details of your colleague’s outfit yesterday? What earrings were they wearing? That bloke on the treadmill this morning, what was on his tshirt? Did he have a conversation with the receptionist? Chances are, you can remember vaguely but not in detail.  THE SAME HAPPENS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR GARMENT! People forget, they remember your personality and character. 

Part of accepting Lymphoedema is the courage to start not caring what others think. Being selfish when needed. Don’t do it for anyone else. You do it for you. You do it in your time frame. Repetition of actions takes courage but does empower you. It gives you options in how you want to live! Happiness should be a by product of acceptance, less stress, and thinking… I’ve done it. Now it’s your turn…

I’m going to leave you with a dare…

Do something today that scares you a little… try on and/or buy that pair of skinny jeans… wear that bold lipstick… post that selfie… join a gym… do something that the future you will be proud of. 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Best Beauty Trends SS17! 

Hey Beautifuls! 

I’m currently partaking in fellow Lymphie, Kala’s, lipstick challenge. This got me thinking! Not all trends are clothing choices, some are just changing your lipstick, so… I thought it would be fun to share with you the latest beauty trends spotted on the catwalks. I’ve loved researching the latest trends that can update your wardrobe instantly without spending a fortune before pay day arrives!! 

Here are my faves that are easily worn (mostly), as well as a few rather daring ideas. You may even have some of the items in your beauty bag already to recreate these looks!! 


  1. POKER STRAIGHT HAIR was spotted at Versace
  2. MICRO PLAITS were used at Missoni and San Andres Milano to add textures through the hair while still looking flawless. 
  3. BLONDE, Blonde everywhere!! 
  4. HIGH PONYTAILS added instant glamour to Nicholas K’s runway.
  5. BEEHIVES were back and Backcombed on Antonio Marras‘ show.


  1. GRAPHIC EYELINER was still spotted on the catwalk of Fendi and a CAT FLICK was spotted on the runways for Moschino and Elie Saab
  2. SMOKEY EYES are back in varying degrees. Carolina Herrera and Armani donned classic smokey eyes, while at Victoria Beckham’s show we saw an updated flicked smokey colour wash in blues and khaki. Balmain went for a grunge Kohl Stained look. 
  3. FIERY LIPS were all the rage at Carolina Herrera with tones ranging from classic red at Giambattista Valli and Trussardi to a faded Coral lip at D&G
  4. ORANGES were highlighted at Missoni and Blugirl
  5. CANDY PINKS were steeped across cheeks and eyes at Asli Polat, Fenty X Puma, Hermes, Tadashi Shoji, Kenzo, Paul Smith and Marchesa
  6. GREY AND NUDE LIPS were going nowhere as they were spotted on the catwalks of Acne and Marchesa
  7. BRONZED BABE with dewy complexions have been THE look for the last few years! This year is no different as it was spotted at Blumarine, Armani, Trussardi and Marchesa


  1. FRENCH TIPS WITH A TWIST were spotted at Salvatore Ferragamo. A taupe base with white tips updates the classic look.
  2. ORANGE again spotted at Blugirl really brightens any drab day. 

Can’t wait to try some of these myself, and spot the trends on your social media accounts! Click on to my Instagram to see my take on Grey Lips!! 

Happy Spring and Lots of Love

L xoxox

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Lymphoedema Awareness Day! 

Hi Beautifuls! 

Today is Lymphoedema Awareness Day! Well, the entire month is dedicated to Awareness of the condition that affects more than 200,000 Brits. Also, more Americans have lymphedema and lymphatic diseases than AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, MS, muscular dystrophy and Alzheimer’s in total! (LE&RN). Colossal numbers are affected, yet so little is known. 

So, what have I done to celebrate… I’ve been for a Lymphie themed mani! 

I also thought I’d share some of my favourite Lymphie Instagram accounts (in no particular order and can’t list all accounts. For an extensive list, please check my “following” list on Instagram):

  1. @kala_not_kayla 
  2. @helensamia123
  3. @lymphaticsurgery
  4. @sarahpumpkin8
  5. @girlwiththeweirdleg
  6. @sopraltoraptor
  7. @Lymphie_rah
  8. @lymphiebarbie
  9. @lymphosaurus_rex
  10. @lymphie_me
  11. @lymph_it_up
  12. @dairy_free_lymphie

Hope you’ve had a good Lymphoedema Awareness Day!

Lots of Love 

L xoxox

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HOW TO Cope with Lymphoedema on your Hot Hols! 

Hi Beautifuls! 

Spring has sprung and summer is ever closer. This means one thing… Holidays!! Whether we love them or hate them everyone is booking them. I’ve just realised how close my summer holiday is! Just fully paid my deposit and full payment is due at the end of next month!! I gathered many of us are in a similar predicament… how can we enjoy the heat!?

Here is the low down of top tips for coping on a hot holiday! 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY… Don’t go without your compression garments. It is so tempting to leave them off as ‘they are too warm’. Guess what, you need them so much more when it’s hot!! It only makes it harder for you in the evening if you leave them off during the day! 
  • Drink plenty of water. In the heat, your system becomes sluggish. Water will help ease your system… also it’s handy for stopping dehydration (apparently… who knew!)
  • Seek the shade. The shade will help keep you cool and protect from sunburn. Also, sunbathe upside down… so your legs rest on the back section of the lounger to keep them elevated. Double whammy of help!! My favourite is legs elevated and in the shade to tan only my upper half!! 
  • Regular dips in the pool! Not only does the water ease the limb and cool it down, when you swim it massages your limb and encourages lymph flow! I recommend wearing an old garment if you wear it in the pool or sea as the chlorine and salt can ruin the material make up. Also, if you’re planning on going in the sea, take some scuba or jelly shoes to protect you from standing on anything that could harm you… you don’t need a trip to A&E and a course of antibiotics to steer away cellulitis!
  • On the subject of garments, wear some sun cream underneath your garments as the sun is able to penetrate through the material. Last thing you want is a sunburnt limb!! 
  • Try to keep a regular routine to back home. In other words, don’t forget to moisturise. My favourite moisturiser for holidays is The Body Shop’s ‘Hemp Body Butter’. It stinks, but it’s so intensive that it keeps your skin so supple and soft locking in any moisture… it also keeps your tan looking good! Thank me later!! 
  • Take a pair of what I call ‘old trusty shoes’. These shoes are the ones that fit, no matter what. These are your saviour shoes!! These are the ones that you don’t WANT to take as they usually aren’t pretty… but are the ones you NEED to take. You’ll only wish you brought them otherwise. These old trusty are perfect to throw on day or night when your feet are wrecked from the pretty ones that ‘fitted fine in the shop when I bought them’… I have A LOT of shoes that fit the ‘fitted fine’ category that I always take and usually never wear! 
  • Mix up your fabrics. Take as much lightweight fabric as you can. I know majority of us lymphies love maxi dresses, maxi skirts and palazzo pants. But these can be warm around your legs. Linens, chiffons and silky fabrics are so much cooler and will leave you less irritable from the warmth. They also fall beautifully leaving you both cooler and stylish!!
  • Eat healthily. Holidays are a time when we tend to over indulge… ice cream, waffles and pancakes for breakfast… I know the score!! However, remember to throw some salad and some fruit on your plate. Excess toxins don’t help your lymph system, but also there is always an abundance of fresh local produce available… take advantage of the flavours being offered!! 
  • Don’t expect your limb to act as it does at home. The chances are you’ll have been on a flight or long journey which automatically messes with your body! This means you’re already at a disadvantage. The best thing to do is keep your routine as close as you can to normal. It will take longer to return to ‘normal/ everyday’ size from the swelling so don’t be disheartened. Just do less physical activity on the day after you land to allow your limb some time to recuperate. Also the same for warmer nights so get that air conditioning going through the day to keep your room cool… use your costa coffee card to put in the slot to keep it on instead of leaving your room key! 
  • Keep a stash of cellulitis antibiotics with you. Tell your doctor you are going away, they can prescribe the best ones. For example some aren’t suitable for those allergic to penicillin. Also it’s handy if you see the start of infection to try and stop it earlier rather than have an extended hospital stay! 
  • Lastly, do what makes you comfortable. We all have different ways of coping. Don’t feel you have to do what others say. They don’t have the same condition as you. Be selfish and don’t feel guilty about it. 

Hope these help to ease your holiday worries!! These are just my opinions and views. It is not medical advice. These are just tips I use when I’m going on holiday! Pick and mix with the tips and see what works for you! 

Happy Holiday! 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

P.s. Margaritas help… so do mojitos, also pina coladas…. 😜😘

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The BEST Lymphie Trends for Spring 17! 

Hey Beautifuls! 
All the Dubai sunshine has really got me feeling the gorgeous spring trends!! So, thought I’d give a quick update on the top trends for the up and coming season! 


We see them EVERYWHERE at this time of year. Seriously… Everywhere! From the runways of London to New York, from dainty to bold, there is a floral to suit everyone. Some of my favourites include… Erdem, Fendi and Chloe. 

Images taken from ‘To’ and ‘Business of Fashion’ via Pinterest


There’s no better trend than the tribal patterns and colours and fabrics to remind you of holidays… past or upcoming.  The tribal colours suit everyone and every skin tone. There is a pattern to suit all- whether that’s excessively loud and outrageous or mild, low key and simplistic. Some of my favourites include… Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui and Roberto Cavalli.

Images taken from ‘Business of Fashion’ and ‘To’ via Pinterest


Stripes have been huge news on the runway over the last 2 years. Good news, this means your wardrobe items can be recycled and reworked with little effort… maybe an injection of a new coloured cami top, jacket, shoes or handbag. Some of my favourite looks include… Carolina Herrera, Jasper Conran and Elie Saab. 

Images taken from ‘To’, ‘Business of Fashion’ and ‘’ via Pinterest

Sheer Luxe

One of my favourites, I’ve kept until last. Sheer, floaty fabrics. This feminine and flattering fabrics mix so well with stripes, florals and luxe sportswear. This style adds instant glamour to any outfit. Some of my favourite looks are from… Ralph and Russo, Tadashi Shoji, House of Holland, Oscar de la Renta, and Elie Saab. 

Images taken from ‘Ralph and Russo’, ‘To’ and ‘’ via Pinterest

I can’t wait to find the High Street steals of these styles! 

Happy Shopping! 

L xoxox

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500 Giveaway!! 

Hi Beautifuls! 

I never thought I’d have 5 Instagram followers, let alone 500!! So guess what!? 

I’m going to do a cheeky giveaway to say THANK YOU!!  What’s up for grabs I hear you ask? A Stella and Dot wishing bracelet and a special edition winter lip balm.

To enter is easy! 

1. Follow @lymphasion on Instagram.

2. Repost the image relating to the giveaway (it looks like the one above!)

3. Use the hashtag #lymphasion500 

4. Write a positive comment on my original post! 

How easy is that!? 

Lots of Love

L xoxox

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